The BooyahBoard

a high-performance board designed for Skateparks

Of course you can use it for Downhill Carving, Flatground and Ollie Kickflips, too. The board performs best when ridden in pools and bowls. There are a lot of new and fresh tricks possible.

Available AUGUST 2016 - Right here.


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Board Specs

360-One Truck

Truck Bearings: FAG Germany / EZO Japan

The high-end 360-One Truck is made of high-strength aluminium casting (T64). It is CNC machined after the casting. Casting, CNC machining and engineering are made in Germany.  The truck is bulletproof and super lightweight. All parts are exchangeable as they should be.


Wheels: 76mm Labeda Asphalt

Wheel Bearings: GRW Germany ABEC 5

Spacer: High Precision 10.2 Steel, verzinkt

The GRW bearings can be opened single-side for cleaning.


Size: 8.375 x 33.66″

Concave: Medium

Griptape: Jessup The Original

Material: 100% Canadian maple epoxy laminated. Two 0.7 mm middle veneers instead of one 1.4 mm. The additional layer of Epoxy-Resin glue keeps the deck snappy. The deck is still as thick as an 7ply deck.

The BooyahBoard

This Board was built to glide like no other and to perform like a skateboard. It only weighs 2,4kg, is 21,3cm wide and 85,5cm long. In order to keep the center of gravity low the board is only 9,5cm high. The mounting hardware is low profile.
A 1mm PUR-foam shockpad makes sure the hardware stays tight and the skating is silent. It takes three sessions to break in the truck bearings' seals. The BooyahBoard cannot ride fakie but it can Drift. The way it performs is highly precise, loose 'n fluid. Please ride it like a surfboard (shortboard).

This is a 2-Wheel skateboard you can rip with. It took like forever. Many prototypes and ideas have been tested. Now we are finally ready. Almost five years after the first prototype: The BooyahBoard became real.


This is what Boarders said after a first ride:

„People will die for this board.“
„This is an excellent board!“
„It feels like liquid.“
„My board feels kind of different now …“
„Beautiful concept!“
„I really hope you get that thing out there soon.“
„This is what I´ll safe my money for.“