Surf-Skateboards and Precision Trucks
Made in Germany

BooyahBoards glide like no other Surfskate but perform like a Skateboard. All components are from major labels or produced in Germany.

The BooyahBoards Story

Developed for serious shredders and heavy abuse.

Believing in shreddability and tired of Surfskates having a high center of gravity, I wanted to ride Surf-Skateboards that are competition level. BooyahBoards are lower and more lightweight than regular pool setups. They can turn on a dime and are super quiet.

Built for Lip Tricks and Skateparks you can use them for Downhill Carving, Flatground and Ollies, too. Because of the patented CNC machined 360-One precision Surf Truck, BooyahBoards Surfskates have way more flow than other Surf-Skateboards and offer lots of lean.

Coming with a big bag of new & fresh tricks!

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